acoustic blueprinting

acous•tic blue•print•ing: The process of refining an instrument for most
efficient operation with minimal noise, sweetest tone, and most open feel.

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Mandovoodoo is one service provided under the general umbrella of gianna,
inc., a Tennessee corporation with principal office in Friendsville.  Gianna, inc.
also provides a range of instrument repair services and custom violins.

Steve Perry is the president of gianna, inc., the inventor of the mandovoodoo
and related processes (standing on the shoulders of many other workers), and
the primary craftsman involved in the work on each instrument.  Steve has had
careers in science (geology), administration (with various consulting companies),
and law in addition to work on musical instruments.  Steve began playing musical
instruments as a child.  His work on instruments themselves began with violin
restoration in the early 1990s.  Work on acoustic manipulation started in 2000
and has steadily advanced, particularly since the 2004 publication of Deena
Spears’ “Ears of the Angels”  and continuing contacts with other workers.

Our physical workshop is located in Friendsville, just SW of Knoxville, TN and
very near the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  Visitors can be
accommodated on appointment.  Be aware the shop is tiny!

gianna, inc. – friendsville, tennessee, usa –  skype – – 865-995-9546